About Us


I am Gord Ferguson.  My first year selling Christmas trees was in 1979 and I have not missed a year ever since…that’s 43 seasons and counting.   My chronological locations have been, Boundary Rd. and Lougheed Hwy,  Brentwood Mall,  Lougheed Mall, 16th and Cambie,  Nat Bailey Stadium, 12th and Main (ongoing), and Gilbert Rd at Steveston Hwy.

6 Years ago, Z and Z Christmas trees began as a company.

The first Z in the company name is for my son Zac.   He’s been working with me for 15 years now.  He currently lives in the house at the U Cut tree farm and has evolved from a Dad-Son work relationship to a Partner-Partner relationship.  In the near future it will evolve further into Son-Dad!

The other Z is for my daughter Zarayna.  She acts as cashier a few days each season to help out on the busiest days.  Zarayna now works in the fashion industry.



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